Spider Crane Hire in Dubai

Safest Lift offers spider crane rental at affordable rates in Dubai. Our spider cranes for rent are one of the most versatile and reliable lifting equipment for working at construction sites. Despite its compact size, its performance is comparable to large cranes. Clients can hire a spider crane for the short-term and long-term based on their specific requirements. We have added various types of construction cranes to our fleet from leading manufacturers and companies. Booking any heavy equipment is very simple and straightforward with our crane rental company. Just send us a message via our website, and we will promptly get back to you with a quote.

Spider crane rental is preferred because it is much more efficient than a truck crane and is sometimes indispensable in cramped conditions. Also known as a mini crawler crane, this small hoisting and transport vehicle is ideal for densely populated megacities. The device gets its name due to the peculiar cranked supports, similar to the legs of a spider. Mini cranes are ideal for working underground, in a building, or on a roof where there is limited access and movement allowed. Besides a spider crane hire, we also provide rentals of various other mobile cranes in Dubai for heavy lifting, hoisting, hauling, loading, and unloading at construction projects.

Features of a Spider Crane

Mini cranes are known for their versatility, as they can cope with complex tasks in different areas. Hers is a list of salient characteristics you get when you hire a spider crane:

  • Some small crane models do not have their own traction motor. They have rubber or polyurethane wheels for movement or are stationary. However, the most commonly used mini cranes are self-propelled models that have caterpillar tracks allowing them to move freely on any surface, including building concrete floors.
  • Mini cranes have load capacities ranging from 1.2 to 4.0 tons, depending on the crane design and model. When compared to other types of telescopic boom cranes, the size is much smaller and more compact, but the performance and load charts you get with spider crane hire are no less impressive.
  • The lifting height of a spider crawler crane ranges from 5.1 to 22 m. The overall width of the lift equipment is from 590 to 2490 mm. The boom’s lowering depth is 32 to 103 m.

Application of Mini Crawler Cranes

  • The most common uses for mini cranes are working in confined spaces such as indoors, tunnels, and underground parking lots. The structure and design of this heavy machinery allow for easy and free movement.
  • Spider crane rental will work ideally in a limited and hard-to-reach space: under arched structures, narrow courtyards, and on ceilings during construction.
  • For glazing of houses, including high-rise buildings. In this case, additional aerial work platforms are used e.g., special vacuum grippers for installation of finishing panels, lifts, and ventilation systems.
  • Effective in low-rise construction, including houses made of timber and logs. By hiring spider cranes, you can drive into the premises through a standard doorway and move without damaging the marble floors.
  • Useful for moving and lifting materials in industries where other heavy-duty truck-mounted cranes cannot reach easily.
  • Loading and unloading with the help of mini cranes are ideal in warehouses with limited space and capacity for larger equipment.
  • A spider crane works best when repairing large special equipment and vehicles, for example, aircraft and steamships.
  • It is an all-terrain crane. They perform equally well on mountainous and rough terrain and soft ground.

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