Scissor Lift Rental in Dubai

We offer a wide range of self-propelled scissor lifts rental in the UAE. Our rental fleet consists of scissor lifts from the most popular manufacturers. You will find electric-powered lifts for indoor use and diesel-powered aerial lifts for outdoor use in our selection. We will assist you in selecting a lift based on your rental needs for load capacity, lifting height, dimensions, drive, etc. Each lift in our fleet has a maximum lift height. To choose a specific scissor lift rental, you must first determine the height to which the load must be lifted. Browse the selection at our heavy equipment rental company to find the scissor lift that meets your requirements.

The scissor lift is an aerial work platform with a hydraulic system of levers raising the platform, a wheeled chassis, and an engine. Choosing the scissor lift hire offers several undeniable advantages over other lift equipment, such as a boom lift. The ultra-compact size, excellent load capacity, maneuverability, and ease of operation make the scissor lifts rental suitable for applications where space is limited. The larger size of the elevated work platform allows the workers to carry more tools and equipment with them and ensures safe movement. Aerial lift rentals are suitable for construction work and interior decoration, cleaning services, equipment, bulk structures installation, and many other purposes.

An electric scissor lift rental is suitable for the following:
  • Finishing work inside plants, factories, enterprises
  • Repair and installation of lighting fixtures and electrical equipment indoors
  • Welding, restoration, and painting works inside industrial facilities, railway stations, airports, shipyards
  • For lifting & placing cargo and goods on racks in warehouses, hangars, hypermarkets
The diesel scissor lifts are good for:
  • Repair of construction and production facilities
  • Installation and dismantling of facades of buildings, sports complexes, exhibition halls, and other large premises
  • Installation of metal structures, panels, insulation
  • Installation or repair of power lines and technological equipment

Safest Lift is your one-stop shop for finding construction equipment rentals. Besides scissor lifts, we have a range of other man lift rentals, including telescopic boom lifts and articulating boom lifts. You can also find rough terrain cranes and mobile crane rentals with us. We also offer crane & lift rentals for short-term and long-term. Contact us to get more information today.

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