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Safest Lift is a heavy equipment rental company that offers crawler cranes for hire in Dubai at the most reasonable rates. Our crawler crane rental is one of the most sought-after and popular services we offer. This heavy-lifting equipment is used in construction sites and wherever loading and unloading are required. Our fleet comprises heavy machinery from the largest manufacturers and reliable brands such as Liebherr. We provide crawler crane rental in UAE for the short-term and long-term based on our client’s requirements.

Crawler cranes are suitable for construction projects, oil& gas, petrochemical, rigging, and other industries. A crawler crane rental in Dubai is your ideal choice if you require a machine that will work all-terrain without any issues. The design and structure make it a perfect rough terrain crane. We offer a broad range of other mobile cranes, including spider crane rental, which is perfect for confined spaces. Booking lifting equipment is extremely simple with us. Send us an inquiry via our website, and we will respond back to you with a quote promptly.

Technical Features of a Crawler Crane

  • A crawler crane is a type of mobile crane. It is similar to a truck-mounted crane which is also a self-propelled machine. Unlike stationary ones, they offer a lot of versatility.
  • The most prominent feature of a crawler crane is its chassis. Instead of wheels, it moves on caterpillar tracks. This provides stability and reliability and makes it an all-terrain crane.
  • Crawler cranes are equipped with booms that lift and move heavy loads. The length and mechanism of the boom specify the scope of application for the crawler crane. Most of these machines have lattice booms, and others have hydraulic booms. A telescopic boom crane is ideal for easy and quick setup, while it may have a smaller reach.
  • Crawler cranes have huge load capacities and are one of the largest cranes available in the market. The load charts determine the range from 50 to 300 tons. The lifting height of the load varies from 60 to 100 meters which makes crawler crane rental in Dubai extremely useful.
  • A crawler crane may have additional equipment that could be attached to it to perform certain functions. For instance, jibs that may have hooks and grab grips or electromagnetic grippers may be used as required.

Application of Crawler Cranes

Our crane rental company has a variety of heavy-duty machinery, including aerial lifts and all types of cranes. Crawler crane rental is one of the most popular services we offer as it has a lot of uses.

  • The construction industry is one of the most important applications for crawler cranes. A crane is required for the development of any new building or structure. Because of the lifting height provided by a crawler crane, the importance of using this type of equipment in high-rise construction is undeniable.
  • Also akin to construction activities, a crawler crane rental in UAE is also popular for repair or restoration work.
  • The use of crawler cranes for loading or unloading operations, especially heavy and oversized cargo, has become frequent, especially in industrial sectors.

Advantages of a Crawler Crane Rental

  • The ability of a crawler crane to work on all types of terrains, including rough and uneven, is one of its main benefits. It enables the crane operator to work confidently even in the absence of roads and in difficult terrain for boom trucks.
  • These cranes are easily maneuverable. On the caterpillar undercarriage, there is a crane platform, which has the ability to rotate around its axis by 360 °. A crawler crane also has the ability to move with a lifted load.
  • A crawler crane rental in Dubai offers high power and efficiency compared to a truck crane.
  • A wide range of models with varying loading capacities and lengths of the boom are available.
  • Another advantage is the stability these cranes offer owing to the wide track area and the absence of the need for external supports and outriggers.

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