Manlift Rental in Dubai

Safest Lift provides special equipment rental, including manlifts, also known as boom lifts, at a reasonable and affordable price in the UAE. Our manlift rental fleet includes different types of aerial work platforms, including telescopic boom lifts and articulating boom lifts. Furthermore, you can rent a man lift from the world’s leading and popular manufacturers. You will find self-propelled devices that are electric-powered or diesel-powered at our heavy equipment rental company in UAE. Hiring a boom lift rental with us is extremely easy and simple via our website. Send us a message, and our customer service specialists will be able to advise you on all your queries regarding lift rentals competently.

Aerial lifts are widely used in construction and repair, finishing works, equipment installation, and dismantling. The aerial equipment is a convenient alternative to scaffolding and cradles to access hard-to-reach places due to their dependability, maneuverability, and high load capacity. You can rent man lift for short-term and long-term with us based on your rental needs. Before we rent out any lifting equipment, it is thoroughly inspected. Besides manlift rental, we offer other construction equipment rentals, including trailer rental and scissor lift rental for heavy lifting.

Manlift Rental for Indoor & Outdoor

Renting a lift with an electric motor is relevant when working indoors. This type of lift equipment is compact and lightweight, does not pollute the air, does not damage the flooring, and makes no noise. The electric motor’s energy is enough for 8 hours of continuous operation. Rental equipment with a diesel engine allows you to perform complex work in open areas, job sites, and well-ventilated areas. You can work continuously without stopping for refueling breaks. We have both types of man lifts available at the best rental rates in Dubai.

Types of Aerial Platforms

The scope of application of man lifts is quite wide, and they are able to ensure the safe lifting of people to heights of up to 200-300 meters, and in some cases, even higher. Choosing the right equipment that gets the job done is also very important. We have the most commonly used four-wheel drive man lifts available for renting with us. The telescopic lift platform is mounted on a telescoping boom that allows vertical movement in a straight line. Compared to other types of lifting platforms, telescopic lifts provide the greatest horizontal movement and allow you to reach the highest heights from ground level. An articulated lift also called an articulating lift, is equipped with a multi-section folding boom with articulated arms. This configuration provides more freedom of movement, allowing you to avoid obstacles and reach hard-to-reach places easily. Browse our selection and send us an inquiry today to rent man lift in Dubai.

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